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Equi-Chaff is a new technology for fibre feeds to be fed alongside concentrates and replace forage or roughage.

After water, fibre is the most important dietary requirement for any horse. Horses are natural fibre digester's, with more than two-thirds of the horse’s digestive capacity almost entirely devoted to the digestion and absorption of nutrients from fibre.

Fibre is found in many feed substances, such as in grass, hay, chaffs, cubes and mixes. Ensuring horses receive fibre in at least 50% of their diet satisfies both their physical need for fibre to maintain a healthy digestive function and tract, as well as their psychological need to chew for 60% of the time as a form of activity.

Features and Benefits:
  • Equi-Chaff is dust extracted to eliminate the allergic and respiratory problems typically associated with conventional baled hay.
  • Packaged in regular polypropylene bags for easy and clean transport
  • Mixing Equi-Chaff with a concentrate is the best way to feed your horse a high fibre diet. It will slow down the horses intake of concentrate feed, reducing bolting and the chances of colic
  • Unlike bran, which is often used as a cheap filler, Equi-Chaff will not absorb Calcium from the gut
  • There is less wastage with Equi-Chaff making it a cost effective alternative to conventional roughage or forage


Roughage for full grown horses, brood mares, yearlings and stallions

Ingredient Statement:

Lucerne Chaff


Feeding Instructions:

Chaff should be fed at a minimum of 1% and up to 2.5% of body weight daily. Feeding rates will differ according to body weight, condition, metabolism, work intensity and amount of concentrated feed and other roughage fed daily.

Mass: 20kg

Equifeeds Lucerne Chaff 20kg

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