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high fibre low energy feed suitable for areas with low roughage availability. This complete feed that contains both the roughage and concentrate portions required in a feed program, when roughage is of poor quality or unavailable. This meal is fortified with vitamins and minerals and includes chaffed teff. 

Suitable for:
Horses prone to laminitis, diarrhea, colic, choking and post-op horses in recovery.

Features and Benefits:
Easy and convenient to feed

The meal is molasses free! 

Complete feed for full grown horses

 Mass:  25kg / 40kg 
Feeding Instructions:

If fed as a complete feed. Feed ponies      2 - 4 kg and horses 3 - 6 kg daily according to body weight, condition, work intensity, with ad. lib good quality hay.

Feed only to intended species

Equifeeds 13% High Fibre Meal 25kg

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