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Epol High Performance Balancer is a highly nutritious, low intake pellet aimed at supporting the stud and performance horse through breeding, training, competition and recovery throughout the seasons.

High Performance balancer is also suitable for “good-doers” that don’t require the recommended level of concentrate and therefore may be compromised in terms of vitamins and minerals or for those that don’t require large amounts of concentrates but have higher nutrient requirements such as breeding mares.

Its lower energy level means that it can be added to a horses current concentrate feed without altering the energy profile significantly.

It contains quality sources of protein to ensure a supply of essential amino acids to help support muscle development, cell renewal, tissues, and muscle repair.

An Acid Buff has also been incorporated into the formulation as research has shown that this can help to support the optimum environment of the gut and help manage those horses with compromised digestive function, such as in the case of Hindgut Acidosis and EGUS (Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome).

Yea-Sacc 1026 ® is also included as this too has been shown to help support feed and forage digestibility while assisting in the maintenance of a stable gut flora population during times of stress.

High Performance Balancer is grain free and low in starch and sugar, making it suitable for horses sensitive to such ingredients, as well as “hot” horses and those on box rest.


Feeding horses correctly requires a good eye and careful monitoring of your horse’s individual needs, condition and behaviour. We therefore suggest you contact us directly for personalised feeding advice.
Contact Hannah Botha +27 73 423 5491 / Leigh Adams +27 83 998 6824 / Debbie Dick +27 76 755 5164

High Performance Balancer should be used alongside good quality hay and/ or pasture.

To ensure a healthy gut, good quality forage should be provided at 1.5% of bodyweight per day (7.5kg for a 500kg horse) , with an absolute minimum of 1% if calories need to be restricted.

It is recommended that 100g per 100kg of body weight be fed per day however this may vary depending on the type age, workload, type of additional concentrate (if any) and roughage that the horse is fed.

  • Pregnant mares, lactating mares, stallions and two year olds – up to 1.0 kg All Phase Balancer/day
  • Weanlings and yearlings – Up to 1.0 kg All Phase Balancer/day
  • Performance Horses – 400g to 750g All Phase Balancer/day.

Please note the above amounts are only guidelines and we suggest you contact us directly to discuss your horses individual needs. In most instances the above horses will require additional food, alongside the High Performance Balancer.

High Performance Balancer is highly concentrated and the recommended daily intake should not be exceeded without consultation.

It is very important to ensure that your horse is fed the correct portion of food by weight, not by volume! All feeds have different densities and thus do not weigh the same. Therefore, it is very important to establish exactly what weight (kg) your scoop holds of the specific product you are feeding.

Always introduce any new feed or product over a period of 7-14days and ensure fresh water is always available.

Epol High Performance Balancer 22.5kg

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