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Capstone Race Time is a muesli style racing feed for mature horses.  It is a balanced complete feed, featuring premium quality micronized grains, scientifically formulated to fulfil the nutritional requirements of the equine athlete.


  • Contains micronized cereal grains: A patented, relatively new processing technology that increases small intestinal digestibility of grains and reduces the risk of starch overload of the caecum or large intestine.
  • 12% Protein: Quality protein to meet the requirements of mature horses in training and racing.
  • High quality protein sources: Includes Full Fat Soya and Lysine for a quality amino acid profile.
  • Includes Lupins: Lupins are high in protein, provide a cool source of digestible energy, and are low in starch.
  • Muesli style feed: Appealing and highly palatable ensuring that horses “clean up”. You can see what you are feeding.
  • High in fat: High source of digestible energy that reduces the risk of starch overload of the hindgut. Fat also promotes coat shine.
  • Fully fortified: Meets all the protein, vitamin and mineral requirements of the mature hi-performance equine athlete.
  • Live Yeast culture: Increases hindgut digestion of fibre.
  • Added antioxidants: Vitamin E and Selenium can reduce muscle soreness, cell damage and other related disorders.
  • Added Chromium: To improve Glucose transfer and reduce lactic acid accumulation.
  • Added Electrolytes: To replace electrolyte losses in sweat during exercise and travel.
  • High levels of B Vitamins: To help build red blood cells and keeps horses “cleaning up” feed.



Unprocessed grains let significant amounts of undigested starches pass through the large intestine or hindgut, where they ferment, resulting in lactic acid, gas, heat and ammonia build-up, leading to a lower hindgut pH. As a result, horses could suffer from acidosis, fatigue, nervous behaviour, colic, laminitis, gastro intestinal upsets and reduced performance.

Capstone RaceTime contains micronized Maize and micronized Barley. Micronizing is a method of processing grains using infrared technology to heat and vibrate the starch molecule, followed by a rolling or flaking process. This dramatically improves the digestion of cereal grains in the small intestine. Increased starch digestion in the small intestine promotes weight gain or growth and reduces the need to feed as much grain, thus reducing the risk of starch overload of the hindgut. Micronized grains are therefore safer to feed. Benefits include:

  • excellent digestibility,
  • higher energy levels,
  • a calmer horse,
  • reduced lactic acid build up,
  • reduced muscle soreness and cell damage
  • a much lower risk of starch overload in the hindgut (colic, laminitis, acidosis & diarrhoea),
  • improved palatability,
  • and greater efficiency.


As a guideline:

  • Horses in full exercise, weighing approximately 500kg, require between 4kg (or 7 litres) to 8kg (or 14 litres) of Capstone RaceTime per day. The amount of Capstone RaceTime fed should be varied depending on the intensity of exercise, metabolism, forage quality and body condition of the horse. Halve the intake of Capstone RaceTime on rest days.
  • Capstone RaceTime should be fed in conjunction with a minimum of 1% of the horse’s bodyweight (5kg for a 500kg horse) of good quality roughage such as chaff or hay to provide a fibre source for optimal hindgut health.
  • It is recommended not to feed more than 2.5kg (or 4.5 litres) of Capstone RaceTime per single feed.
  • Because Capstone RaceTime is a highly digestible, high energy feed, care should be taken not to overfeed horses confined to stables or not receiving regular exercise.
  • Reduce the intake of Capstone RaceTime if horses gain too much weight or training intensity decreases. Introduce Capstone RaceTime to your horse’s diet gradually over a period of 4 to 7 days. During periods of heavy sweat loss, additional supplementation of a good quality electrolyte, such as Capstone Horse Electrolyte, is recommended.


Capstone RaceTime is a scientifically formulated feed containing the following quality ingredients:

Micronized Maize, Micronized Barley, Lupins, Oats (dressed and clipped), Sunflower Seeds, Molasses, Canola Oil, Full Fat Soya, Salt, Feed Lime, Di Calphos, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin & Mineral Premix, with added Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Chromium, Live Yeast, Lysine.


Store in a cool, dry place (below 25°C) awayfrom direct sunlight with good air flow.

Capstone Race Time 22.5kg

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